Demoiselles Coiffées BIB 10L

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History of a personality :
Grenache 50 %
Carignan 30 %
Cinsault 20 %
Degrees : 13 %
Capacity : 10L

History of a soil :
The Côtes-du-Ventoux rosé "Les Demoiselles Coiffées" is elaborated by Les Vignerons du Mont-Ventoux so as to obtain a wine corresponding perfectly to the criteria of typicity of the area of appellation. Its name reminds of a site in Bédoin were can be found natural columns sculpted by the erosion and topped by a capital named "Demoiselles coiffées".
The wine derives from grapes harvested in all the area of production of the winery: Bédoin, the southern slope of the Mont Ventoux and enjoy a very important exposure to the sunshine. The altitude of the vineyards ranges from 200m to 580m.

Soils: decomposition of hard limestone and alluvions, and slightly sandy.

History of a know-how :
The grapes are carefully sorted out for a perfectly sound sanitary state and completely destemmed.
Short maceration on the skins in stainless steel self-emptying vats.
Recuperation of the free run juice and gentle pressing using a pneumatic press.
Cold settling of the must and fermentation of the clear juice at a temperature of 18/19°C during approximately 3 weeks.
The malolactic fermentation is blocked as to keep a sufficient level of acidity.
Final blending before the bottling after a few months of maturing in vats.

History of sensations :
Eye: Bright frank pink colour with opalescent hue.
Noze: Clean fruity and floral bouquet with hint of acid drop when aerated.
Mouth: Crisp mouth, supple and light, with expressive perfumes of red fruits.

Histoire of pleasure :
Can be drunk by itself or with salads, grilled meat ans fish.


Must preferably be drunk while young and fresh but can be kept for 2 or 3 years.

Serve at: 8/10°C

VMV  Vignerons du Mont Ventoux
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