Altisud BIO 3L

A.O.C. Ventoux

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History of a personality :
Grenache 50%
Syrah 30%
Cinsault 20%
Degrees : 13 %
Capacity : 3L

History of a soil :
VMV rosé developed by the Vine growers of the Ventoux Mount in a durable step of development, is resulting from grapes mainly coming from the Holy District Michel and the Roofing stone located on the commune of Crillon the Brave man, with the foot of the Ventoux Mount, in Zone of Biosphere.
Their exposure to the shelter of pollution and moisture makes it possible to carry out to maturity of the healthy grapes with a minimum of natural treatments. No weeding is employed.

History of a know-how :
The crop is carefully sorted out and totally de-stemmed.
Each grape is vinified apart in cement vats.
The alcoholic fermentation lasts about 3 weeks with daily pumping-overs and a weekly “délestage”.
The batches of wine are then racked and transferred into cement vats where they decant and complete their malolactic fermentation.
A first blending is then effected and part of the “cuvée” is transferred into oak barrels where it is aged for 10 months.
The final blending is then made and the wine is aged in vat for homogenisation and natural clarification until it is bottled.

History of sensations :
Eye : Bright frank pink robe with opalescent hues.
Noze : Clean fruity and floral bouquet with hint of acid drop when aerated.
Mouth : Crisp mouth, supple and light, with expressive perfumes of red fruits.

Histoire of pleasure :
Recommended as a pre-meal drink and with salads, grilled meats, Mediterranean and exotic spicy dishes.


To drink while young, preferably within three years after the harvest.

Serve at : 8°C/10°C

Medal(s) and reward(s) :
Organic wine

VMV  Vignerons du Mont Ventoux
620, Route de Carpentras 84410 BEDOIN

Tél. : + 33 (0) 490 12 88 09
Fax. : + 33 (0) 490 65 64 43

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